CCI empowers companies to increase revenue and brand awareness by planning, implementing and managing integrated, world-class sales and marketing programs across all channels and geographies. CCI uniquely combines over 20 years of channel and technical expertise with professional services and web-based, GAAP-compliant software solutions.

CCI is a pioneer in the development of innovative trade marketing program management technology. CCI’s configurable software is designed to meet the needs of a diverse client base, while sitting on the proven, stable ProgramsPro® platform.

We help companies streamline sales and marketing programs, including sales incentives, spiffs, rebates, co-op, market development funds (MDF), customizable ad templates, brand and awareness campaigns, demand and lead generation, lead distribution, point of sale (POS) and ROI calculation.

Commitment to clients

CCI’s commitment to clients extends well beyond the implementation of software modules, and CCI brings value to your company that extends beyond programs. Regardless of a client’s need over time, CCI is a strategic partner for the long haul, providing responsive solutions.

Channel and marketing-driven companies in the following industries typically find value and success in working with CCI:

  • Technology (hardware and software)
  • Office products (equipment and suppliers)
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial services
  • Medical
  • Automotive

CCI Mission Statement

The mission of CCI is to increase the return on investment (ROI) and measurability of our clients' sales and marketing programs by strategically implementing our unique combination of expertise, technology, and professional services with the highest levels of client service, value, integrity, and innovation.