Q: What does CCI do?

A: CCI web-based software and CCI Professional Services allow companies to plan, implement, manage, and measure successful, revenue-generating programs across all channels and geographies. CCI’s suite of software and professional service offerings - combined with our experience and technology - help companies streamline sales and marketing programs, including sales incentives, spiffs, rebates, co-op, market development funds (MDF), brand and awareness campaigns, demand and lead generation, lead distribution, POS and ROI calculation. For a complete listing of our solutions, please go to the Solutions page.

Q: How long has CCI been in business?

A: Founded in 1983, CCI brings over 20 years of experience to our client projects, including a wealth of best practice knowledge.

Q: How large is CCI?

A: CCI is a stable company that is in the midst of a planned growth cycle. We currently have a staff of approximately 50 CCI employees, and our extended team includes additional contractors and partners.

Q: What does "CCI" stand for?

A: Originally, our company was called Co-op Communications, Inc. The name was made into an acronym in 2000, because CCI does so much more than just Co-op Programs.

Q: I have to start a co-marketing program and I don’t know what to do. Can CCI help?

A: Yes. There are many companies that can help you solve some of your business challenges. Some companies will help improve the quality of the sales and marketing templates that you provide to your sales channel. Others will help you automate your co-marketing fund administration, your lead distribution or your point of sale (POS) processes. Still others can work with you to develop comprehensive sales and marketing programs. CCI can do all of that, and more.

The CCI difference is that we take an integrated and holistic approach, starting with your business objectives and working to a solution that gives your company the best possible results. We combine our software, our professional services, and our every day value-added services to develop a customized solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.
For more information on how to select a solution for your company, please visit to read our "Selecting Co-op Program Management Software" document.

Q: How does CCI help companies like mine?

CCI provides far more than sales and marketing program management tools. CCI’s core competency is integrating our software as part of a comprehensive and strategic solution to meet and exceed your most pressing business needs. Our approach is to look at your business holistically, and with the long-view in mind. We start with your objective and work to a solution that will give your company the best possible results.

If your needs are simple, CCI can provide you with the tool you need today and be your business partner for the long haul. And if you ever need additional software tools, professional services, or a consultant who understands your business, CCI can help. You won’t have to change providers - CCI will be there.

Q: CCI solutions are hosted. What does that mean to me?

A: CCI hosts all of the applications and tools that you purchase from us on our secure servers. As a CCI client, there are several benefits to you in having us host your CCI solution. First of all, your costs are minimal, as your company doesn’t have to buy hardware, software, security and the other necessary infrastructure items required to host these solutions yourself. Additionally, you won’t have to pay for maintenance or for changes to the system. What these savings mean to you is an increased ROI (less money invested brings a higher return) and an increased focus on the revenue-generating areas of your business.

Q: Why should we buy a solution? Can’t my company build a solution instead?

A: Determining if building or buying a solution is right is a decision your company will have to make. The best decisions are usually those that are based on information, and taking that information to assess how well the choices available to you will meet your company’s needs. For more information about how to decide between building and buying a solution, please read our "Build v. Buy: A Common Dilemma" document.

Q: Can I still use CCI’s solutions even though our company has a PRM or ERM solution?

A: Yes. CCI’s suite of solutions allows companies to extract more business value from platforms already in place. CCI recognizes that companies have spent a lot of money to accumulate these platforms and that the last thing executives want to do is walk away from investments they have already made. Instead, they want to extract more business value from the platforms they already own. CCI’s applications can overlay existing platforms, thereby helping to connect, rather than replace, the platforms. CCI allows a business to economically combine more resources in more ways, thereby generating more value from existing resources like a PRM solution.

Q: Is CCI secure?

A: CCI utilizes some of the most advanced technology for Internet security. When accessing the CCI site using Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5.5 or higher, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects client's information using both server authentication and 128-bit data encryption. Client data is completely inaccessible to any unauthorized person or organization.

Q: What are the CCI solutions?

A: CCI defines its solutions as our complete offering of platform technology, applications, tools and services. We also recognize that the special mix of CCI offerings that best meet a client’s individual needs is also considered a solution, and we often refer to our solutions in that way as well.

CCI’s suite of solutions includes online software and services. We offer platform technology, software applications, and tools as well as a wide variety of professional services. Please see our Solutions page for more detailed information.

Q: May I purchase a CCI application separately from the other solutions?

A: Yes. CCI sells its solutions as follows: ProgamsPro is the platform application upon which any of CCI’s other applications or tools may be built. CCI offers several applications like AdPro and LeadPro, and tools like ROI and Survey. CCI also offers many professional services to complete each client’s solution, Clients may pick and choose from these options to create or evolve solutions to meet their unique business needs.

Q: How long does it take to implement my program with CCI?

A: 90 Days

Q: Will my CCI solution work with my current website or extranet?

A: Yes. Your CCI solution will be customized to integrate as seamlessly as your company requires. We deliver solutions in a secure, password-protected website with your company’s look and feel, which may be linked to your site(s) or act as one of your own sites.

Q: What types of companies utilize CCI’s solutions?

A: The types of companies that typically find value and success in working with CCI look something like this:

Channel and marketing-driven companies in the following industries

  • Technology (hardware and software)
  • Office products (equipment and suppliers)
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial services
  • Medical
  • Automotive

Q: How can I see a demonstration of CCI’s solutions?

A: The best way to see a demonstration of CCI’s solutions is for you to contact Cathy Day in the CCI sales department at 1-888-260-2667.