Co-market effectively with an online ad management module

Turn the production of co-marketing materials from a complicated process to a few simple clicks of a mouse

The AdPro module is a complete content management solution that enables manufacturers to distribute advertising and marketing materials online. Using a web-enabled creation engine, partners, channel participants and other authorized users can conveniently access specification documents and templates to easily create customized marketing pieces.

AdPro empowers manufacturers as well as their sales and marketing users to effectively co-brand and market products and services by allowing manufacturers to specify brand assets, usage, content, and customization parameters. AdPro also makes it possible for partners, participants and other authorized users to apply their own identity to a marketing template so that both companies may protect their brands and the marketing message remains consistent.

The AdPro module may be built on top of the ProgramsPro® platform and alongside the Fund Management module to allow manufacturers to view AdPro-customized marketing materials before approving the cost – an ideal way to reinforce co-op or MDF Program guidelines that require the use of an AdPro template.

AdPro was specifically designed for ease of use, so users do not have to know complex design applications like Quark, Photoshop or Illustrator in order to make use of AdPro templates. And, since AdPro runs completely over the Web there is no software to install or hardware to maintain.

For Manufacturers:

  • Empower partners and participants to manage customizable ads and marketing materials using your pre-approved templates and options
  • Save money on expensive pre-printing costs and wasted, unused marketing templates
  • Protect your brand and keep messaging consistent and compelling, while allowing your sales and marketing channel partners to differentiate themselves
  • Track template usage to improve program effectiveness over time
  • Establish an automated process whereby AdPro-customized materials can be approved online
  • Activate templates for a specific date range so old promotions cannot be advertised after the offer expires
  • “Lock” important text such as legal copy so that it cannot be modified

For Creative Agencies:

  • Easily create advertising and marketing templates using the manufacturers specs
  • Copy function simplifies the creation of multiple versions of similar templates
  • Use HEX Color Codes or select colors from a pulldown menu that provides HEX Codes
  • Manage content, creative and image elements in one web-based interface

For Users:

  • Browse through a library of manufacturer-approved marketing, advertising and signage options
  • Build new marketing pieces by selecting the products/services and messaging
  • Customize the new piece by personalizing with your logo and contact information
  • Preview the new piece and make any final modifications
  • Save the final marketing piece in one or more print-ready formats
  • E-mail the final marketing piece to yourself and/or to vendors for fulfillment
  • Submit the marketing piece for manufacturer approval or as proof of performance for co-op or MDF reimbursement