Develop and manage sales opportunities within the channel using CCI’s Deal Registration Module

CCI’s Deal Registration Module defines and enforces best practices for deal registration and opportunity management programs

Deal registration programs add both depth and breadth to channel relationships, resulting in increases in loyalty and sales while decreasing channel conflict (vendor-to-channel and partner-to-partner) and the length of the sales cycle.


Client Benefits:

  • Limits price competition and fluctuation in street prices
  • Generates partner loyalty
  • Increases revenue by rewarding and motivating "hunting" by channel partners
  • Aids in new market development and expansion of the customer base
  • Identify leads and select where the lead should be sent for follow-up, automatically or manually
  • Creates confidence in channel partners to share their pipeline confidentially
  • Provides greater business and market intelligence
  • Minimizes the administrative burden of managing a sales pipeline
  • Increases visibility into channel inventory and sales activity levels

Partner Benefits:

  • Increases profitability and control over margins
  • Decreases cost of doing business
  • Protects investment in complex or high price point sales
  • Better control over proprietary sales pipeline information
  • Ease of doing business with vendor/manufacturer
  • Clear, visible and predictable payments of program rewards
  • Easy to use system interface minimizes administrative burden of program participation