Capture, manage & distribute leads in a fully closed-loop online system.

Many companies still collect, qualify, assign and distribute leads by using at least one manual process. Leads are often pushed to call centers, sales teams or to channel partners for follow-up, with few tracking mechanisms in place. LeadPro automates and streamlines this process for you, allowing leads to be collected, qualified, assigned and routed to the appropriate person or group for follow-up, feedback and other relevant actions in a fully closed-loop online system.

LeadPro is a web-based system that reduces and often eliminates costly and inefficient paper-based and legacy lead tracking systems. Leads are entered or imported into LeadPro through a user-friendly web interface where they are then matched and distributed based on your program guidelines and business rules. Authorized recipients receive a notification when leads are available to them, and they may be given a period of time to provide lead feedback to the system.

Further, the system provides comprehensive reports that allow you to track usage, sales cycles, channel activity levels and marketing ROI. This real-time data gives insight into everything from sales pipeline status, overall sales volume and campaign-level marketing response statistics, allowing your company to plan more efficiently, recognize trends earlier, and increase the measurability of programs and resources.

Features & Benefits:
CCI software modules are built on a proven ProgramsPro platform, which provides overall security, workflow and reporting across all solutions. All CCI software modules share the same core functionality, including:

  • Contact management
  • Real time online access - anytime, anywhere
  • No hardware, software, or back-end integration required for clients
  • Scalable and customizable
  • Multi-level access and security
  • Reporting functionality
  • Delivered in a secure, password-protected website (128-bit SSL)
  • Website "look and feel" reflects your company's brand
  • Centralized view and navigation functionality through the dashboard
  • Article Tool that allows content management of articles, news, and other time-sensitive postings
  • Partner locator tool included as part of this module
  • Identify leads and select where the lead should be sent for follow-up, automatically or manually
  • Closed-loop tracking system on a consistent web-based platform
  • Higher lead conversion rates
  • Lead matching and distribution system mirrors your business rules
  • Organize, extract, review and analyze data in real time, including lead status