Aggregate, match, normalize, report & analyze multi-tiered sales data.

Process POS data in a web-based environment.

Many companies that sell software and hardware solutions through a network of distributors and resellers need the ability to receive and process sell-through data (e.g., point-of-sale or POS). This is particularly important for two-tiered distribution models. The POS data that these companies collect can then be used for data mining, forecasting, trend analysis, and trade promotion incentives including MDF, co-op, rebates and SPIFFs.

The CCI Point of Sale Module responds to this and other needs by offering a web-based POS processing environment. The module provides a standard data extract of all partner/participant POS files to assist in rebate calculations, payment information and reporting. Partner/Participant POS report files may be consolidated into a single extract, and each file may be loaded using a data-mapping template. Once all of the files have been imported into the master extract file, each entry is matched against partner/participant and product templates which link the partner/participant record to the various keys maintained for that partner/participant company (name, customer id, etc.).

All outstanding unmatched records in the master extract file are matched and the associated partner/participant templates are updated to reflect any new matching keys identified. Once the matching has been completed, the data can be used to support business analytics or trade promotion programs.


  • Collect non-standard POS data & normalize for forecasting & analysis
  • Improves overall processing time and administrative overhead by as much as 82% (*)
  • Track inventory levels
  • Increases the efficiency of fund-based channel program management
  • Establishes the internal financial controls for rebate-based channel programs
  • Reduces the cost and complexity of channel rebate and SPIFF programs
  • Real-time reports including ROI & payment information
  • Extends the functionality of existing CRM & financial applications
  • Web-based architecture reduces the costs associated with hardware and software purchases
    • No hardware to purchase
    • No software to install and maintain
  • Streamlines communications by providing 24x7 real-time data

(*) Based on CCI's largest Rebate Module client program.

The Point of Sale Module's core functionality includes and allows for:

  • Standardize data entry fields, data extracts and reports
  • Accurate and expeditious analysis of sales, commissions and performance
  • Provide partners, participants and program stakeholders with a consolidated view of POS data, rebate payments, sales activity, and statements
  • Streamline the administrative processes related to collecting POS data and sales reporting
  • Efficiently match partners/participants with product sales
  • Reduced the time and effort required to gather, normalize and report on channel POS