Conduct demographic research online.

The Profile Tool gathers and reports on information about individuals within companies. Used in conjunction with the Fund Management module or the ProgramsPro® platform application, the Profile Tool allows you to gather any amount of information in an effort to further profile partners to the contact level.

Features & Benefits:
CCI software tools may be added to CCI software modules and share the same core functionality, including:

  • Real time online access - anytime, anywhere
  • No hardware, software, or back-end integration required for clients
  • Scalable and customizable
  • Multi-level access and security, including reporting functionality
  • Delivered in a secure, password-protected website (128-bit SSL)
  • Track the number of applications that are submitted, approved and denied
  • Monitor the time it takes from partner submission to review completion
  • Centralize all data captured from registration or application forms
  • Easily access contact information from the principal to sales and marketing
  • Summarize partners by markets served