Generate true ROI reports within any CCI module.

The CCI ROI Tool gathers, aggregates and reports on return on investment (ROI) information that is reported by partners via claim forms in the Fund Management Module, and in other CCI modules. Using the ROI tool in conjunction with CCI software modules provides your company with the opportunity to track the cost of each lead, to track the revenue generated from each lead source and to capture the ROI of marketing programs across all partners, or for each campaign. Your business rules dictate the data fields and the output of ROI reports, which can be generated and viewed in real-time.

Features & Benefits:
CCI software tools may be added to CCI software modules and share the same core functionality, including:

  • Real time online access - anytime, anywhere
  • No hardware, software, or back-end integration required for clients
  • Scalable and customizable
  • Multi-level access and security, including reporting functionality
  • Delivered in a secure, password-protected website (128-bit SSL)
  • Meaningful and customizable ROI reporting
  • Usage rates
  • Participation or response rates
  • Cost reports per your business rules like cost per exposure, cost per lead, etc.