CCI’s Web service-level commitment (SLC) provides for the following.

The Web service provided will be available 24x7 with reported 98% up time.

Routine and Preventive Maintenance

CCI continuously updates and enhances its web solutions. Some maintenance chores may require the website, or sections of it, to be unavailable for short periods of time. Planned and routine maintenance is conducted on Saturdays between the hours of 10:00 pm and Midnight Pacific Time to minimize service interruptions.

Notification of Outages

From time to time CCI will notify the client of planned outages for routine maintenance, hardware upgrades, changes to network interfaces, and reporting technologies. Notice of such outages are provided electronically with at least five days notice and are generally performed over weekends to minimize client service impacts.

Testing and Monitoring

Regular testing of services is provided. Testing includes:

  • Access: Can an unauthorized user successfully access a control that only the administrators are authorized to use?
  • Response Time: Is the Web service taking too long to respond?
  • Versioning: Can a new build break an existing Web service's functions?

Emergency Response

In event of catastrophic server or application failure, i.e. homepage defacement, homepage unavailable, application unavailable, server not reachable, CCI provides a 24 hour pager alert system. During CCI business hours Information Systems (IS) personnel will respond within fifteen minutes. Outside of CCI business hours IS personnel will respond within one hour.

Exceptions to the SLC are:

  • Latency Problems
  • Hardware or telecom failure
  • Issues not within direct control of service provider
  • Backbone peering point issues
  • DNS issues not within the direct control of the service provider
  • Scheduled maintenance